Monday, December 31, 2007

Recreate the cat videos, download now

The first alpha version of the iphone server/client has been uploaded to the SVN repository on sourceforge.

The projects source may be accessed via mmc-client
You can also browse the local repository here

Use test for both username and password.

This is the Apha release of the Iphone Client and mini server. With this version you can at least recreate the cat demos we posted to utube.

In testing we found that although functional the mini server does not provide the throughput needed for repeated xml requests, and safari will tend to hang.

From the client project we are involved in we have gained a great deal of knowledge on using Spring and hibernate with an icefaces client.

It is clear that this knowledge can be leveraged on the open source project.

Although some work may continue on the miniserver and javascript client the next series of ITB's will target SpringFramework and Tomcat 6.

The javascript client will be replaced either with a google web toolkit client or a client based on JSF with icefaces components.

The proposed release schedule is as follows.

January 1 2008 - Release of the mini server and client.
March - June 2008 Alpha/beta's itb's of the spring / tomcat server.
March - July alpha/beta itb's of the icefaces client
ongoing reseach GWT integration
August First deployment outside local network package