Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Delayed but not forgotten....

What happened?

The whole team was assigned a client project that we just could not turn down. Its the client projects that pay the bills, as much as we love open source that is the reality.

We cannot disclose details on the project, but its a big one, some of us have spent as much as 18 hours connected to the client site via vpn developing code.

Its a sweet project, utilizing dwr and ajax technologies.

The project is still going on but the preliminary design / research is done. So we can actually start multitasking again. So we will over the coming week pick up were we left off with the following significant changes to the iphone/itouch client.

1) The code is being migrated from netbeans to eclipse so as to utilize eclipses superior cvs support. (eventually code will be moved to subversion, but this is NOT a priority. Eclipse will also allow us to standardize our development environment between client project and open source activities.

2) Weekly cvs loads will start next week, regardless of completion of the base.

3) The early betas will use the existing iui javascript but as we move closer to GA , gwt will become the dominant client side development tool.

4) We will continue to develop the standalone server we have been for the last several months but it is clear that more robust tomcat and .net clients will be needed.

A few more notes:

We have acquired 3 macs running the Leopard operating system, Leopard will be our target platform for Mac support.

A change in philosophy, This team has suffered some setbacks including lost of one of our beloved pets, we have decided that we are not going to let anyone control what we can and cannot do with the technology we develop.

Our primary emphasis is not allowing the streaming of copyrighted media outside a local subnet, but like similar products the client can in some cases be used for that. We are not going to be intimidated into curtailing features because our product can be used UNDER SOME CONDITIONS for illegal activity. If we can find a way to allow streaming outside the subnet WE WILL DO IT.